Why Stadia Is Better Than Other Cloud Gaming Platforms, in 5 Points

- Advertisement - The interest in the realm of cloud gaming is picking up speed. Since its release in late 2019, has seen consistent development, which comes despite the fact that established companies such as Xbox, NVIDIA, and Amazon are all vying for a position in the market. The following...

What’s the difference between the Surface Pro 7 Plus and the Surface Pro 7?

Surface Pro 7 Plus The Surface Pro 7 Plus gets a mid-generation upgrade for Enterprise and Education, but it’s still available from Microsoft or select resellers to the general public. 11th-generation Intel processors, a replaceable and upgradeable SSD, optional 4G LTE, up to 32GB of RAM, and improved battery life...

Japan steps up push to get public buy-in to digital IDs

Japanese actor Masato Sakai shows a sample of My Number card during a promotional event in Tokyo on March 8, 2021. Japan has stepped up its push to catch up on digitization by telling a reluctant public they have to sign up for digital IDs or possibly lose access to...
Computer Sciences

Using AI to create more efficient math algorithms

Credit: DeepMind A team of researchers at Google's DeepMind, London, has found that AI can find faster algorithms to solve matrix multiplication problems. In their paper published in the journal Nature, the group describes using reinforcement learning to improve math-based algorithms. A Research Briefing has also been published in the...
Electronics & Semiconductors

Improving wearable medical sensors with ultrathin mesh

This photograph shows the structure of the ultrathin mesh-type polymer PTC thermistors used in wearable medical devices. There are many potential benefits to using mesh in this type of device. Credit: Chihiro Okutani, Shinshu University On-skin medical sensors and wearable health devices are important health care tools that must be...

Researchers want to make salt printing marketable

Lightweight metal components made of various materials created using 3D-printed salt frameworks (white cubes). Credit: Kilian Kessler Materials scientists Nicole Kleger and Simona Fehlmann have developed a 3D printing process for creating salt templates that they can fill with other materials. One area of application is the creation of highly...
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