ROG’s SMART LENS: The First Gaming Contact Lens, Opening a New Era of Gaming on the April Fools Day

the world’s first – ROG smart glasses – today, according to IT House April 1st report. Officials claim that this device will allow you to rule the arena in the blink of an eye, usher in a new era of gaming, and turn the world into your playground.

According to ROG, smart glasses can scan your eye and head movements and change the in-game camera to compensate, allowing you to get immersed in racing and flying simulators.

Low Blue Light Certified ROG Smart Glasses instantly adjust to ambient light conditions, filtering out harmful light and minimizing eye strain for improved gaming performance.

The ROG smart glasses also have complete Aura Sync compatibility and may be extensively customized in Armory Crate. With just a few clicks, you can change the color, intensity, and form of the retina.

In addition, the ROG Smart Glasses come with a fashionable quick charging case and a specifically designed cleaning solution that charges and cleans the in under an hour.

ROG smart glasses are an April Fools’ Day “round-up” product, according to IT House, so don’t take them literally.



Eye and head tracking are built-in.

There is no longer a requirement for a separate eye tracking device. The s analyzes your eye and head movements and compensates with the in-game camera, giving you an immersive advantage in racing and flight simulation games.

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Filter for blue light

The is certified for low blue light and reacts to ambient light conditions to block out harmful rays. With less eye strain, you’ll be able to perform better in-game, ensuring that you never miss a kill late at night.

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Control of Armoury Crates

The is completely customisable in Armoury Crate and features full Aura Sync compatibility. In only a few clicks, you can change the color, intensity, and form of your retina. To put yourself in The Witcher’s monster-hunting shoes, sync RGB lighting patterns to match your battlestation, or give yourself yellow cat eyes. These settings are also available on our mobile app, so you can keep your RGB on show no matter where you are.

Eye Movements

Never again Alt+Tab out of a game.‘ clever gestures enable all of the following functionalities. To avoid having to take your hand away from the mouse and computer, assign any action to a series of blinks, winks, and twitches.


Command Center of the ROG

The ROG Command Center allows you to have complete control over your system. View vital system data such as skin temperature, GPU frequency, battery level, and frame rate. With a simple Bluetooth connection, you can alter monitor brightness, CPU fan curves, and even overclock the refresh rate of your own eyeballs on the fly. You’re always in the driver’s seat with ROG Command Center.

App Store With A Purpose

has no bounds, thanks to its own app store. As you go about your day, play your favorite AR games, learn about city sites with Wikipedia integration, and take in as many commercials as your eyes can bear. For peace and quiet, you can use convenient privacy settings to mute and block irritating passers-by on the street.


Case for Charging

A stylish fast-charging case is also included with the ROG Smart Lens. You can charge and clean your lenses in one hour without hurting the components thanks to our specially designed cleaning solution.

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