The Fiido Beast sit-or-stand electric scooter is also a two-wheeled electric go-kart

The Fiido Beast is getting ready for its big reveal, where it will be one of the first electric scooters of its sort. Aside from dual engines, dual suspension, and a massive battery, this electric scooter has one more significant surprise in store: It can be sat in and driven like a two-wheeled go-kart.
That’s right, it’s out of this world. With so much innovation in the electric scooter industry right now, it was only a matter of time before someone paired insane electric racing with insane electric scooters.
Fiido is no stranger to electric scooters with weird proportions. To be fair, the business has also released more conventional-looking electric motorcycles.

Wild-looking Fiido Beast electric scooter lets you sit or stand at 30+ mph  - Green Deal News

The new Fiido Beast, on the other hand, is completely new terrain for the popular electric micromobility company.
The Fiido Beast appears to be your standard too strong standing electric scooter at first glance. It has two motors with a combined output of 1,300 watts of electricity, allowing it to attain a top speed of 50 kilometers per hour (31 mph).
There’s dual suspension and a massive 48V 31.2Ah battery with 1.5 kWh of capacity, according to Fiido, with a range of up to 70 kilometers (44 miles).

The Fiido Beast sit-or-stand electric scooter is also a two-wheeled electric go-kart

The massive battery can be removed and charged off the scooter, or a spare battery can be installed to prolong your riding duration. There’s even a keyless security system that allows you to punch in a code and release the battery by punching in a code.

The odd small seat in the back and the fold-out foot pegs on the front swingarm suspension are the true show-stoppers here.
You’re virtually riding on a two-wheeled electric go-kart once you drop the bars and snap a squat.
The 82-pound contraption has 11-inch off-road tires for all-terrain enjoyment, as well as dual-wheel disc brakes to rapidly bring the party to a halt if necessary.
To see just how ridiculous/awesome this contraption is, you’ll have to watch the debut video below.
When the Fiido Beast goes live on Indiegogo in a few days, it’s unclear how much it will cost. For the time being, though, the corporation appears to be providing an early bird discount of over 40%.
This is consistent with Fiido’s previous Indiegogo campaigns.

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At Electrek, we normally don’t cover crowdfunding campaigns unless the company either lets us view a product ahead of time so we can test it ourselves, or the company is a well-known entity with a proven track record of delivering items.
Not only will we be reviewing a Fiido Beast in this case, but we’ve also evaluated numerous of Fiido’s e-bikes in the past and found them to be high-quality, value-oriented items.
I’m not sure how it’ll feel to go faster than 30 mph on a glorified step stool, but I’m looking forward to finding out!

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